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The magnetic timeline and reasonable defaults

Over the last few weeks, I’m sure I’ve seen the magnetic timeline called ‘non-professional’ in hundreds of blog posts, forum messages and tweets. The logic seems to be that it’s designed to make it easier to edit, but in the … Continue reading

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Why Apple is worth defending

In various forum discussions over the last two weeks, I’ve been asked how I can defend Apple. People can’t understand how someone can simultaneously admit that Final Cut Pro X is, at present, largely useless to the market segment his … Continue reading

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How unclear use of language has caused two weeks of panic about FCP X

Over the last two weeks, a huge amount of grief and panic has been caused by imprecise use of language. Specifically, the definition of the word “pro” that has been implicitly adopted in the pro vs. consumer FCP X conversation, … Continue reading

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On risk, failure, and the future of Final Cut Pro

(The title of this post is shamelessly derived from the Creative Cow forum post that inspired me to write it.) For reasons I’ve already laid out at extensive length, I am entirely convinced that Apple does not intend to abandon … Continue reading

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