Final Cut Pro X critical feature update

Six days ago, I identified what I believed were the four major features that prevented FCP X from being integrated into high-end editing environments. They were:

  1. A way to export sequence data.
  2. More audio exporting features.
  3. Support for third-party I/O hardware.
  4. Multicam.

The FAQ Apple released today speaks directly to three of these. On exporting sequence data:

We will release a set of APIs in the next few weeks so that third-party developers can access the next-generation XML in Final Cut Pro X.

On audio exporting:

An update this summer will allow you to use metadata tags to categorize your audio clips by type and export them directly from Final Cut Pro X.

On multicam:

Multicam editing is an important and popular feature, and we will provide great multicam support in the next major release.

On support for third-party I/O hardware, Apple is a little vague. They say they’re working with hardware vendors, but they don’t explicitly say they’re going to support real video output. That’s the way I’d bet, but for the skeptics, I have nothing concrete to point to today.

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