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Getting inside the magnetic timeline’s head

I’ve seen a lot of hatred toward Final Cut Pro X’s new magnetic timeline over the last nine days. I’m increasingly coming to believe it’s all a big misunderstanding. Most of the resentment of the magnetic timeline, as far as … Continue reading

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Final Cut Pro X critical feature update

Six days ago, I identified what I believed were the four major features that prevented FCP X from being integrated into high-end editing environments. They were: A way to export sequence data. More audio exporting features. Support for third-party I/O … Continue reading

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Breaking: Final Cut Pro X is an Apple product

I mention this because some people are acting as if they are unaware of this fact. What are the three major complaints about the FCP X rollout? The first release is missing some features that conventional industry wisdom would consider … Continue reading

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The “FCP X is not a pro app” narrative

So, the emerging narrative among a certain subset of the Internet post production community is that Final Cut Pro X isn’t a ‘pro’ app. But I’ve seen a lot of Internet firestorms around Apple product announcements over the years. I’ve … Continue reading

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Is Python the future of Final Cut Pro X workflow?

So, this is a little more geeky than is normal even for this blog, but I ran the Unix ‘strings’ command on the Final Cut Pro X binary. This command tries to extract things that look like bits of human-readable … Continue reading

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A ‘pro’ app with missing features

Well, the “It’s not a pro app!” freak-outs have started. The only real surprises for me, in terms of feature omissions, are support for video I/O cards and XML exporting. I expected those things to be there from day one, … Continue reading

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