“The Bleeding House” premieres at Tribeca

The Bleeding House (formerly County Road K), on which we provided digital dailies, workflow support, and color grading, is currently showing at Tribeca, and being distributed by Tribeca Film. Produced by Will Battersby, Tory Tunnell and Per Melita, directed by comic book creator Philip Gelatt, and shot by Frederic Fasano, who has previously shot films for Italian horror master Dario Argento, it’s a seriously creepy indie horror film.

Nice Dissolve graded The Bleeding House from raw Red files in DaVinci Resolve, to preserve as much image data as possible through the pipeline. While this is our standard workflow, it was particularly important on this project, as principle photography predated the existence of the much more light sensitive Mysterium-X Red, and a significant portion of the film is comprised of night exteriors. Working from raw files allowed us to reach down into the shadows to recover image that other workflows would have lost.

The film, which employs a visual style carefully crafted to inflict a sense of tense unease, is a great example of how a cost-effective indie post process based around today’s high-powered commodity hardware and software tools can produce entirely uncompromising results.

A trailer is available from Apple’s trailer site, you can rent the film on iTunes or Amazon, and of course, if you hurry you can still catch screenings at Tribeca.

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