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“The Bleeding House” premieres at Tribeca

The Bleeding House (formerly County Road K), on which we provided digital dailies, workflow support, and color grading, is currently showing at Tribeca, and being distributed by Tribeca Film. Produced by Will Battersby, Tory Tunnell and Per Melita, directed by … Continue reading

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The end of project files?

Take a look at this little section of the Final Cut Pro X user interface: I think this post over in the Creative Cow forums correctly identifies this as a mechanism for switching between multiple open sequences. That should allay … Continue reading

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The predictability of the Final Cut Pro X response

I’ve been going through old posts on my Indie4K blog (now merged into this blog) to see which of them might be worth migrating to this blog’s archives, and I turned up this, originally posted nearly a year ago (and … Continue reading

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The magnetic timeline’s off switch?

There has been some concern expressed on Twitter and various blogs that Final Cut Pro X’s new “magnetic timeline”, with all of its automatic rippling, could interfere with the process of making adjustments to material that has to meet precise … Continue reading

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What is FCP X’s relationship to iMovie?

Another emerging source of concern about whether FCP X is a professional app is its relationship to iMovie. In particular, a narrative seems to have emerged in which FCP X was derived from iMovie, after Apple realized there was no … Continue reading

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Is Final Cut Pro X a professional app?

Almost certainly. There is essentially no reason to believe otherwise. I’ve seen speculation that FCP X won’t support EDL/XML/OMF export, won’t support professional video I/O interfaces, won’t support third-party plug-ins, won’t work well with large projects, no longer supports three-point … Continue reading

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First thoughts on Final Cut Pro X

Well, the long-awaited major rewrite of Final Cut finally dropped yesterday… sort of. Apple’s Supermeet presentation showed off lots of flashy new features that will be extremely convenient for creative editorial, including a dramatically improved timeline. But an on-stage presentation … Continue reading

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