Color Grading On New “My Darkest Days” Video

Busy weekend. Graded the new My Darkest Days video, featuring Ludacris, Chad Kroeger and Zakk Wylde. Director Brendan Cochrane of NYLAHD did a great job giving this video a seriously high-end look — but there was just one thing missing.

The shot below shows the difference between how the video came to us — the editor had just ingested the MX Red footage thorough Final Cut Pro for the offline — and how the video left us, after correct color processing of the raw files and a bit of color sweetening. It’s a nice example of the principle that there are many possible workflows for Red footage, but they’re not all created equal.

"My Darkest Days" grading demo

Brendan gave us a great write-up over on his blog. Thanks, Brendan.

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